How can dance help?

The benefits of introducing a child to the arts has been documented time and time again. Furthermore, studies have shown that the younger the child when the instruction is made and the longer a child remains involved in the arts, the more advantageous it becomes for the child.

Involvement in artistic endeavors such as dance yields even greater benefits for a child, including better concentration skills and greater self confidence.

Dance also provides your child with improved strength, balance, coordination-not to mention poise and grace. The study of dance helps build discipline and character, which enhances every aspect of your child's life. When he or she approaches the world with greater self-confidence and a sense of pride, the world will take notice. And with this added dose of self -esteem, there's no limit to your child's success as a person.

In addition, it is a great way to get them (or even yourself-we teach 3 year olds to adults!) off the couch and away from the video games!

Yet sadly, today, more and more schools are forced to cut valuable art , music and dance

programs from their curriculum.

Luckily we offer an affordable way to help your child reap

the benefits of the art of dance!

Dancin'Since 1979!

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