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Our Family History...

In 1979, after 25 successful years in her New York studio, Artistic director Cathy Dooley moved to Florida and established RDA. With

Miss Shelley, a former New York student and teacher, they began teaching dance with sincerity, devotion and concern for each individual student.

RDA instructors are former students of the academy, hold Bachelors in Education and teach in the local schools. They continue to teach students with the same enthusiasm and love of dance.

Professional Recital

*Annual recital 

*No recital fees!

*There is a charge for each costume- payments can be made at the start of the Fall session

*Technical Rehearsal- on stage-dance clothes

*Dress Rehearsal- on stage- Full Costumes

*Recital- tickets must be purchased for family members and guests

RDA is proud of it's dance family-

ALL our students are

important to us!

Dancin'Since 1979!

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